Why controlling organic sites?

In my early years as a Web manager I was getting a lot of resistence when I proposed we adopt standard look and feel. It seemed logical to me to spend our precious few resources on improving our Web content, not hiring Web designers every time a department wanted to have a Web site. Obviously, people that had aspirations as Web designers where the most vocal and would argue to their department heads that they needed to have the freedom to come up with a design the fits the department’s image. The problem with that argument is that it doesn;t take into consideration the corporate culture. In any case, I decided that I would let things grow a little bit organically at first. When we reached critical mass and the attention of senior managment, I went ahead and wrote the first paper arguing for a consistent Web look and feel and proposed that we adopt a Web Content Management System. Conclusion: Let things grow for a while to get the interest up, after a while you come up with standards to maintainthe site’s integrity. If done well, you should encounter few challengers to your arguments to improve Web team productivity as well as reducing Web production costs. You now have the attention of senior managers!