What stats can’t tell you

Good traffic stats are truly hard to get. Sure, there are many stats packages available, but my biggest problem is the misconception of what information traffic stats can provide you. I will not disagree that measuring the number of visits, visitors, and page views can provide site managers with a basic view of their site usage. However, when people try to look at path analysis (how do visitors go from point a to b), average time on the site, top exit pages, top entry pages, I think that we need to take these with a grain of salt. Afterall, what you are missing here is the motive. You are not there with the user to look at their behavior. I think that these analyses are interesting, and can provide some insight, but not the true picture of what is happening in your site. If your Web presence is essential to your business goal, you will have to rely on good old user tests to see what’s working and what’s not; and that’s expensive!