What our clients have to say

Client survey shows very high customer satisfaction levels

Nice Oak recently conducted a survey to measure client satisfaction for its iBooks™ publication services.

Overall, the results show a very high level of satisfaction with the iBook we produced for them:

  • Very satisfied: 89%
  • Satisfied: 11%
  • Somewhat satisfied: 0%
  • Not satisfied: 0%

They felt the iBook gave them a great way to showcase their publication, in a highly portable and easy-to-use electronic version. Interactive charts and graphs along with layout and design, ranked very high in the best features of their iBook. 90% of the respondents are very likely to develop another iBook in the next 6-12 months.

Some of the notable written comments include:

“The iBook was such a crucial advancement on our current way of working that we can’t work without it now! Nice Oak’s professional attitude and responsiveness were much appreciated while our team made tight deadlines to publish our reports.”

“Getting the iBook in addition to the regular publication was only a small additional expense, and well worth it.”

“Nice Oak took time to learn about our audience and our goals for the iBook, and the results was a fully customized product that was highly praised by our senior management.”

“Extremely useful to have the iBook, and it’s in a very appealing format.”

“The iBook has enabled us to deliver a much needed product in a format that is readily accessible and usable to clients.”

Note: iBooks™ is a trademark of Apple, Inc.