Math widget for iBook on Arithmetics

Nice Oak created a pretty cool interactive widget that was used in an enhanced ebook called “Arithmetic Made Understandable”, authored by John L. Hank, a retired math teacher. The ebook is available as a free download on the Apple iBookstore:

“I must also give enormous credit to Stephen Beauchesne who single handedly created the arithmetic interactive widget(s) that appear uniquely here for the first time,” said Mr. Hank in the iBook’s dedication section.

This will be the first of many widgets added to the iBook as new versions of the publication are made available.

iBooks Widgets 101

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Launch of World Bank Learning Board Annual Report

Nice Oak launches the 2013 Learning Board Annual report iBooks™ version

The latest Learning Board Annual Report in iBooks™ format was launched internally at the World Bank. It follows a very successful release a year ago. We were able to come up with an enhanced version of the printed report by adding a dynamic table for the annual budget forecasts, interactive list of board members and pop-up boxes for footnotes.  Since this publication is for World Bank Group internal use, we cannot distribute it outside the organization. However, we can provide a few screen shots at our portfolio page.

Note: iBooks™ is a trademark of Apple, Inc.