Launched new partnership Web site

Web Presence Architects has recently launched a WordPress-based Web site for the Jobs Umbrella Multi-Donor Trust Fund. This site will primarily serve as a communication and collaboration platform for the partners, but it will also disseminate information about the work of the Trust Fund.

Collaboration is an key objective for the group, and the site will be providing tools and resources to allow for a healthy and efficient exchange of ideas.

The site will also be the central place for announcing calls for proposal submission and other important announcements for all stakeholders.

About the Fund

The World Bank Group’s Jobs Strategy aims to improve jobs and earnings opportunities for workers worldwide, contribute to the eradication of poverty, and boost shared prosperity. It does this through the development and delivery of integrated diagnostics and solutions that promote private sector-led job creation by growing new and existing businesses of all sizes, increasing the productivity of existing jobs, and helping individuals—in particular the most vulnerable, including youths and female workers—get a job. This fund supports the design and implementation of this strategy.