Knowledge Sharing Events

Call them “BBLs”, “Meetings”, “Gatherings”, larger (and some smaller) corporations have been adopting these formats to encourage the exchange of knowledge among their staff.

Recently, some corporations who face the challenge that they often have a dispersed workforce, are finding creative ways to have employees meet on a regular basis, whether informally or in more structured venues. BBLs tend to be they thematically defined with a clear understanding of what needs to be shared. They can also be highly moderated. BBL often involve outside speakers. On the other hand, Knowledge Sharing Events is between staff and the discussion is focused, specific, and faced-space. You are asking “How are your colleagues doing things? It’s a chance to “catch-up” with follow staff.

Here some tips on setting up a knowledge sharing program at your organization:

  • Virtual format is good option to connect everyone, as it reduces the time/space constraints: Speakers and audience can be in different rooms.
  • Record the discussions and post videos and presentation materials to a staff collaboration Web site.
  • Publicize the event with emails and posters. Have an agenda and topics so that the discussion is focused.
  • Send invitations so people commit to coming to the event.
  • Meet not too often to become a annoyance, but regularly enough to keep the momentum going forward.

Poll your staff to see what topics they are interested to discuss in knowledge sharing events.