iBooks as a Dashboard

iBooks™ are really changing the perception we have of traditional e-books.iBooks™ are really changing the perception we have of traditional e-books. Instead of simply providing a PDF as the only electronic version of a printed document, we see the desire to create more useful and engaging material.

A great example of use for iBooks is as a dashboard. We recently launched the 6th version of the monthly executive dashboard for managers of the LAC region at the World Bank. This resource is based on the printed (PDF) version but it is enhanced with many interactive features such as sortable and filterable tables and dynamic charts and graphs.

Within the first month of providing the iBook version, the dashboard authors quickly realized that the acceptance rate was 100%: All managers attending the meeting monthly meeting as well as anyone else who was given access to the dashboard used the iBook version as opposed to the PDF/printed version. The ease-of-use, portability and access to dynamic widgets made this version a hit from the start.

Since this is an internal World Bank publication, we can’t unfortunately share the iBook with you, but here are some screenshots to give you a sense for its capabilities:

Note: iBooks™ is a trademark of Apple, Inc.