Launched iBook for leadership coaching

What do you do to stand out from the competition? Certainly, quality of service is key, but in the world of executive coaching, your reputation as a leader is extremely important. You achieve that leadership through experience and results. What do you do once you have established yourself as such a leader in your field? You need to look into cutting edge tools to further stand out. Such an organization reached out to us to help them take their printed material and bring them to a whole new level.

We developed an enhanced, interactive digital tool, which clients can use to keep notes and perform exercises and tasks as part of the coaching engagement. The result was an interactive, dynamic and engaging app-ebook hybrid viewable on iPads.

Although the iBook reader comes with its own built-in note-taking tool, the client wanted to have the ability to email notes and comments to the coaches. We came up with a custom app for this special task, making the ebook a living document which can be referred to throughout the engagement. We also enhanced the material with engaging activities to reinforce the concepts covered.

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