Enhanced digital books as sales support material

Sales teams use all kinds of material and resources on a sales call. Usually these include large binders of printed brochures, price lists, photos, etc. Although highly portable and easy to use (if well-organized), these binders can get cumbersome to log around. Also, their printed nature make them hard to update on an efficient basis.

But the biggest disadvantage is that they can’t provide any kind of multimedia. Imagine a sales binder that can show videos of certain aspects of a machine, or photo galleries used to display large amounts of images. How about a price configurator, or a way to guide a potential buyer through the purchasing decision process? You may have architectural drawings that can be zoomed in to see in greater details and interactive images that display additional information when a label is activated. These are all possible with enhanced ebook technology.

Ebooks have evolved over the last few years to become these powerful hybrid books that more resemble apps while keeping book features like table of content, glossary, note taking, highlighting, and linear reading. What has changed is the ability to embed all kinds of tools and multimedia elements right inside the ebook.

These widgets as they are known are activated as the reader taps (or clicks) on the widget image or icon. Suddenly instead of trying to explain an engineering concept from static drawings or photographs, you use animations and videos to bring your content to life.

Your sales staff is being more efficient and your sales cycle is shortened in the process.