E-learning Modules Quality Analysis

Our client, a large international development organization, uses e-learning as an efficient way to train their staff about its processes and new initiatives as well as part of its on-boarding program. These online courses follow a very strict storyboard, design development and test cycle which requires multiple iteration. During this process, many errors can occur and a thorough quality control ensures that the product delivered matches the specifications established at the start.

WPA Consulting has been engaged to oversee the testing steps. This involves the following tasks:

  • Test all functionality and links
  • Ensure compliance with user experience guidelines
  • Compare content to source
  • Approve modules

“We are very fortunate to have our client entrust us with this very important step in the production of their e-learning module,” said Stephan Beauchesne, WPA Consulting founder. “We normally perform these steps as part of our own development process, so it’s a role we feel very comfortable in playing.”

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