Dashboard Proof of Concept

WPA Consulting, the specialist IT and project development company, which also creates customized, highly interactive eBooks through its Nice Oak division, recently announced that it completed a Proof of Concept project for the New Jersey-based firm, Exhibit Surveys, the premier analytical and measurement company for the global trade show and event industry.

Skip Cox, CEO and President of Exhibit Surveys said, “Trade show organizers require a more flexible tool to assess and monitor both their domestic and international portfolios of events.  We are responding with a unique dashboard solution which monitors the health of events against a set of new industry benchmarks and we found that WPA Consulting presented us with a superior level of both control and response to test our digital concept and offering.”

WPA Consulting Managing Director James Beck, commented, “This project was in many ways a validation of what we have been stating for years. Our solution – a very interactive, enhanced and engaging platform for all types of shared, vital information on mobile platforms for organizational leaders is here and readily available. Skip and his team are in the forefront of the event industry’s changing business dynamics. WPA is so very pleased to be able to partner with Exhibit Surveys as they continue to lead the drive toward a mobile surveying enterprise”.

About Us
WPA Consulting was founded in 2005 by Stephan Beauchesne, the former Corporate Webmaster of the International Finance Corporation, a part of the World Bank Group based in Washington, DC. WPA offers a new breed of Web strategy consulting and efficient, effective solutions focusing on the business purposes of the corporate Website. We provide highly engaging, interactive and widget-based solutions for various clients and their sales force.