WPA presenting at Digital Book World 2018

WPA Consulting Presents the Next Step for Digital Book Publishing at Digital Book World 2018
See a Survey of Next Generation Interactive Books Design Tools at DBW 2018 on Oct. 2

Bethesda, MD, September 13, 2018 – Ebooks have evolved over the last few years from static content to engaging, multi-touch experiences. This has happened because there are now more tools to design enhanced digital content material. At DBW 2018, WPA’s Stephan Beauchesne will be presenting four leading software solutions as well as provide a peek into the future with a new interactive book development platform under construction.

Visit the Digital Book World Website for information on the program, and on WPA’s Session #236. 

More software options

Besides reviewing iBooks Author, the software that helped launch the multi-touch ebook experience, the session will cover tools that have found a niche in the ebook development space: 3D Issue Flipbook, Kotobee Author and Pressbooks, the latter being a WordPress-based platform for publishing ebooks.

The future

Do not miss the chance to hear about what WPA calls the future of the interactive ebook development and publishing. You will be able to take a sneak peek at the platform WPA is developing which we believe will be a revolution in the same way as iBooks Author did when it launched in 2012.

To hear more, attend our presentation:
Constructing Interactive Books: The Next Step For Digital Publishing
Stephan Beauchesne (Principal, WPA Consulting)
Oct. 2, 2018 from 3:45 PM – 4:30 PM
Session #236

WPA Consulting Virtual Press Office

Re-design Web database application

A client of ours, a large international organization based in Washington, DC, had a database developed a few years ago. Although the database performed well, users felt that it wasn’t very user-friendly and found the design not inspiring. WPA was brought in to redesign the layout, and produce templates of the main pages of the site.

We create new pages for home, search results, record detail, and a generic page used for static content. We also provided a method for advanced search next to the search box, as well as a way for users to refine their search on the search results page.

We are now closely working with their internal IT team to implement this new look and feel and help re-launch the database.

Case Study Explainer video

As part of their on-boarding process, our client has a presentation designed to teach how their financial instruments are used to complete a project. The session is centered around a case study that exemplifies how a typical project is analyzed and executed. The problem was that the introduction of the facts of the case, while an important part of the presentation, failed to grab the attendees in a way that would spark an animated discussion on how the project should be handled.

We developed an explainer video using Adobe Captivate which set the stage for the presenter. The facts we clearly explained, using animation that captured people’s interest. Because it was very visual and engaging, attendees retained more elements of the case and were able to come up with creative ideas during the brainstorming session that followed.

“We really like to develop products that keep audience engaged and connected during a presentation, while reading an ebook or running through an e-learning module,” Said Stephan Beauchesne, founder of WPA Consulting.

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E-learning Modules Quality Analysis

Our client, a large international development organization, uses e-learning as an efficient way to train their staff about its processes and new initiatives as well as part of its on-boarding program. These online courses follow a very strict storyboard, design development and test cycle which requires multiple iteration. During this process, many errors can occur and a thorough quality control ensures that the product delivered matches the specifications established at the start.

WPA Consulting has been engaged to oversee the testing steps. This involves the following tasks:

  • Test all functionality and links
  • Ensure compliance with user experience guidelines
  • Compare content to source
  • Approve modules

“We are very fortunate to have our client entrust us with this very important step in the production of their e-learning module,” said Stephan Beauchesne, WPA Consulting founder. “We normally perform these steps as part of our own development process, so it’s a role we feel very comfortable in playing.”

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Launched new partnership Web site

Web Presence Architects has recently launched a WordPress-based Web site for the Jobs Umbrella Multi-Donor Trust Fund. This site will primarily serve as a communication and collaboration platform for the partners, but it will also disseminate information about the work of the Trust Fund.

Collaboration is an key objective for the group, and the site will be providing tools and resources to allow for a healthy and efficient exchange of ideas.

The site will also be the central place for announcing calls for proposal submission and other important announcements for all stakeholders.

About the Fund

The World Bank Group’s Jobs Strategy aims to improve jobs and earnings opportunities for workers worldwide, contribute to the eradication of poverty, and boost shared prosperity. It does this through the development and delivery of integrated diagnostics and solutions that promote private sector-led job creation by growing new and existing businesses of all sizes, increasing the productivity of existing jobs, and helping individuals—in particular the most vulnerable, including youths and female workers—get a job. This fund supports the design and implementation of this strategy.

Dashboard Proof of Concept

WPA Consulting, the specialist IT and project development company, which also creates customized, highly interactive eBooks through its Nice Oak division, recently announced that it completed a Proof of Concept project for the New Jersey-based firm, Exhibit Surveys, the premier analytical and measurement company for the global trade show and event industry.

Skip Cox, CEO and President of Exhibit Surveys said, “Trade show organizers require a more flexible tool to assess and monitor both their domestic and international portfolios of events.  We are responding with a unique dashboard solution which monitors the health of events against a set of new industry benchmarks and we found that WPA Consulting presented us with a superior level of both control and response to test our digital concept and offering.”

WPA Consulting Managing Director James Beck, commented, “This project was in many ways a validation of what we have been stating for years. Our solution – a very interactive, enhanced and engaging platform for all types of shared, vital information on mobile platforms for organizational leaders is here and readily available. Skip and his team are in the forefront of the event industry’s changing business dynamics. WPA is so very pleased to be able to partner with Exhibit Surveys as they continue to lead the drive toward a mobile surveying enterprise”.

About Us
WPA Consulting was founded in 2005 by Stephan Beauchesne, the former Corporate Webmaster of the International Finance Corporation, a part of the World Bank Group based in Washington, DC. WPA offers a new breed of Web strategy consulting and efficient, effective solutions focusing on the business purposes of the corporate Website. We provide highly engaging, interactive and widget-based solutions for various clients and their sales force.

IT Assessment for the Lycee Rochambeau

The Lycée Rochambeau engaged WPA Consulting to help them assess the state of their IT team including roles and functions as well as the state of the network, infrastructure, software and hardware. The engagement was produced in multiple stages with clear recommendations and advice provided at each stage. The discovery stage resulted in a restructure of the team and the hiring of a full-time IT Director. In the subsequent stages, WPA recommended a series of enhancement to improve the network and the move to a cloud-based environment.