Nice Oak launches Widgets Hub

On October 8th, at the iBooks Author Conference in Nashville, TN, Nice Oak launched a new ebook widgets marketplace. This is the first time widget developers will be able to sell their widgets to ebook authors and designers.

More information can be found on the Widgets Hub Website.

Nice Oak sponsors iBooks Author Conference

Nice Oak is proud to be a sponsor of the first iBooks Author Conference to be held in Nashville, TN, October 8th to 9th.

The conference will bring iBooks Author users from across the world to share their experience with iBooks Author, the Apple software used to develop ebooks. It’s a chance to attend great presentations on a variety of topics related to producing iBooks, ebooks and widgets.

Nice Oak is scheduled to present on business widgets on October 9th.  The presentation will provide an overview of custom HTML widget development tools and platform and will demonstrate example of business-oriented widgets.

Nice Oak will also take this opportunity to make a major announcement for a new platform that will put together Widget developers and iBooks authors. Stay tuned for more…

Nice Oak to present at IBA Conference

Nice Oak’s Founding Partner, Stephan Beauchesne, will be presenting on Widgets at the iBooks Author conference in Nashville this October. This is the first conference for Apple’s iBooks Author software. The popularity of the event is an indication that IBA is becoming a force in the e-publishing industry.

More information on the conference can be found on the event Web site.

Nice Oak gets certified in iBooks Author

WITH DISTINCTION: Nice Oak Apps’ Stephan Beauchesne first to earn highest iBooks Author Certification honor.

Nice Oak is proud to announce that its founding partner has reached this level of certification. Read more on the iBooks Author Certification Program blog

Guide to help staff with email migration

Staff need to be guided through major IT changes such as migrating to a new email system. This International organization needed an interactive guide that will assist staff in the migration process. This ebook was developed for iPads and it contains tip sheets and videos as well as details on what to expect before, during and after migration.

Since this is an internal publication, we can only show you screenshots. Visit our portfolio page for details.

New iBook on Virtual Meeting Tools

Nice Oak produced an interactive eBook for the IT department at the World Bank to guide staff through the different tools available for meeting offline. Using Apple’s iBook format, the ebook can be viewed on iPads and Macs. It contains tips sheets on each systems so it serves as a portable reference guide whenever staff need to choose a virtual meeting system.

Because this is a book for staff only, we cannot provide you with a copy, but you can see our portfolio entry to view screenshots.

Launch of World Bank Learning Board Annual Report

Nice Oak launches the 2013 Learning Board Annual report iBooks™ version

The latest Learning Board Annual Report in iBooks™ format was launched internally at the World Bank. It follows a very successful release a year ago. We were able to come up with an enhanced version of the printed report by adding a dynamic table for the annual budget forecasts, interactive list of board members and pop-up boxes for footnotes.  Since this publication is for World Bank Group internal use, we cannot distribute it outside the organization. However, we can provide a few screen shots at our portfolio page.

Note: iBooks™ is a trademark of Apple, Inc.

What our clients have to say

Client survey shows very high customer satisfaction levels

Nice Oak recently conducted a survey to measure client satisfaction for its iBooks™ publication services.

Overall, the results show a very high level of satisfaction with the iBook we produced for them:

  • Very satisfied: 89%
  • Satisfied: 11%
  • Somewhat satisfied: 0%
  • Not satisfied: 0%

They felt the iBook gave them a great way to showcase their publication, in a highly portable and easy-to-use electronic version. Interactive charts and graphs along with layout and design, ranked very high in the best features of their iBook. 90% of the respondents are very likely to develop another iBook in the next 6-12 months.

Some of the notable written comments include:

“The iBook was such a crucial advancement on our current way of working that we can’t work without it now! Nice Oak’s professional attitude and responsiveness were much appreciated while our team made tight deadlines to publish our reports.”

“Getting the iBook in addition to the regular publication was only a small additional expense, and well worth it.”

“Nice Oak took time to learn about our audience and our goals for the iBook, and the results was a fully customized product that was highly praised by our senior management.”

“Extremely useful to have the iBook, and it’s in a very appealing format.”

“The iBook has enabled us to deliver a much needed product in a format that is readily accessible and usable to clients.”

Note: iBooks™ is a trademark of Apple, Inc.

Announcing IFC Framework iBook

Nice Oak recently launched the IFC Sustainability Framework in iBooks™ format to complement the printed version.

The iBooks contains a few great interactive widget to enhance the reader’s experience:

  1. Video presenting the iBooks version of the publication
  2. Interactive timeline of the key events mentioned in the publication
  3. Dynamic list of key milestones

The publication is available on IFC’s Web site as a free download:

See highlights at our portfolio page

Note: iBooks™ is a trademark of Apple, Inc.