Journaling hack app helps users break the stress cycle

A Case Study

E-book app background

MoodShift owners, David L. Greene, M.D. and Pamela Jones-Greene, approached us with the idea to convert their material to break the stress cycle into an interactive eBook. They had already prepared the content in a flowing PowerPoint, with backgrounds, text, and some animations and transitions at key moments.

For a better experience, the reader would be reading the content sequentially, therefore following a logical series of steps on their journey. That’s why the interactive eBook model was so appealing. At the same time, we all felt it was necessary to allow the reader to reach any part of the content, as well as access previous responses for review or editing.

Technical Process

At first, the authors suggested we use a development platform that allowed for the creation of an iOS and Android App instead of a traditional eBook. This was something very important to them because current eBook readers would not allow for the interactive experience they envisioned for their product. Yet, they desired the look and feel of an eBook. As we designed the eBook, we quickly realized that the custom widgets we developed created conflicts in the chosen platform. We had to find another solution.

We proposed to develop the eBook app using Adobe PhoneGap, which essentially allowed us to create a universal code base using HTML5/CSS/JS, and produce both an Android and an iOS app. The added bonus was that the app was responsive, allowing for different tablet size screens.

The main interactive activity (widget) was a writing tool which preserved the reader’s thoughts at key moments in the material. We also developed a multiple-choice tool, where the user’s selections were kept in memory for future reference.

Finally, we added a menu bar with access to author information, an introduction video, and a pop-up chapter navigation side bar, and wrapped the content into an elegant interface and easy-to-use forward and back navigation system.

Special Features/Tool Tips

  • Scrolling answer boxes
  • Answers are automatically saved within the tool for privacy.
  • Edit/delete your answers
  • Create a diary. Begin your answer by entering the current date to track your progress.
  • Use this app as a quick guide to give focused attention to a particular aspect of your life.
  • Use this tool when you feel like giving up on the life you want to live.
  • Grant yourself the pleasure of completing the entire experience without interruption.
  • Repeating this experience is like pulling on a thread ––– the more you pull, the more that is revealed to you.

Philosophy behind the app

Suppressing your heart-connected desires is at the core of your stressful condition and circumstance. Ancient wisdom embedded in the Dead Sea Scrolls provides the prescription to come alive and transform an unfulfilled life.

“If you bring forth what is within you,

what you bring forth will save you.

If you do not bring forth what is within you,

what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”

– Dead Sea Scrolls

This ancient wisdom is the foundation for MoodShift’s proprietary Shoshin Technique. The technique is multifaceted and facilitates the discovery of solutions to your stress.

One facet of the Shoshin Technique involves using the Socratic Method — a non-judgmental style of asking questions. This method naturally develops sound thinking.

We are born with the “shoshin” way of being. It is an attitude of openness and willingness to explore without hesitation. It is an attitude of eagerness and lack of preconception. The “shoshin” attitude is unencumbered.

As we socially adapt to the world around us, the cultivation of limited thinking evaporates the natural “shoshin” way out of our being. As we are pressured to follow the status quo, we start to distance ourselves from the core of our being. This process of limited thinking suppresses our life force. This stressful cycle becomes increasingly difficult to break.

LifeShift breaks this stressful cycle of limited thinking by arousing your heart-connected desires.

While using this tool, you can enhance your experience by listening to your favorite, soothing, instrumental tunes.


You can access the app from the MoodShift Web Site: