Top 3 ways to use enhanced ebooks in business!

The plain, text-based ebook has evolved over the years, but ebooks are generally associated with textbooks, novels or children’s books. We rarely hear of ebooks used in business context. But this changed drastically with the release of Apple’s iBooks Author 4 years ago. We could now add interactive elements, and multimedia to create rich, engaging ebooks that have a place in business.

Here are 3 ways  to consider using ebooks in a business context:

1. Digital sales material

To remain competitive, organizations need to keep their sales binders up to date and filled with information that will give their sales team a competitive edge. During a sales calls, staff will be using multi-media such as videos, animations and image galleries, in addition to the usual sales material like brochures, presentations and price sheets. And all of these features will be part of the enhanced ebook.

2. Studies with engaging charts and tables

Studies tend to be published as PDFs, which are often the exact replica of their print sibling. With enhanced ebooks, interactive charts, tables, timelines, and other tools can be added to provide further details and engage readers.

3. Training material

When training their employees, providing them with basic printed material or even some e-learning modules will usually ensure that the material is forgotten. Supplement your course with an enhanced ebook version of the material so that multi-media and interactive widgets are available even after the course is finished. The ebook as supporting material ensures that your employees better retain the course material during and after the class.

There are more ways to use enhanced ebooks, but for many organizations, these three should probably be a starting point when considering using enhanced, multi-touch ebooks as part of their publishing process. Follow-us on twitter to discover new ways to use ebooks in a business context.

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