Case Study Explainer video

As part of their on-boarding process, our client has a presentation designed to teach how their financial instruments are used to complete a project. The session is centered around a case study that exemplifies how a typical project is analyzed and executed. The problem was that the introduction of the facts of the case, while an important part of the presentation, failed to grab the attendees in a way that would spark an animated discussion on how the project should be handled.

We developed an explainer video using Adobe Captivate which set the stage for the presenter. The facts we clearly explained, using animation that captured people’s interest. Because it was very visual and engaging, attendees retained more elements of the case and were able to come up with creative ideas during the brainstorming session that followed.

“We really like to develop products that keep audience engaged and connected during a presentation, while reading an ebook or running through an e-learning module,” Said Stephan Beauchesne, founder of WPA Consulting.

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