Book of Hours: A flipbook with audio

Book of Hours is a contemporary ‘illuminated manuscript’ comprising text by some of the author’s favorite poets, writers, scientists, and songwriters, placed alongside carefully selected playlists, and accompanied by her own beautiful drawings. When Rebecca Clark approached us to see if we had ways to enhance her PDF with audio tracks, we jumped at the opportunity. The complexity was not necessarily with adding audio and create an interactive ebook—we have many tools for that—the challenge was to do it in a way that reproduces the current PDF experience.

Because of the need for a quick turnaround and a tight budget, we eliminated the iBooks Author option. It would have required us to basically re-create the book in that tool, and it had over 230 pages! So, we looked at Kotobee and 3D Issue. Both accept PDF and provide a quick way to add audio files. An important factor was the ability to store the ebook on her iPad as there won’t be any internet connectivity where the art presentation will occur, and both tools can do that. However, one big advantage that 3D Issue offered is the ability to have 2 facing pages, which was critical for the Author as her book used 2-page spreads on many occasions.

So, we went with 3D Issue, and added all the audio snippets. The ebook was published on 3D Issue cloud and the author was able to download the ebook on her iPad. We look forward to seeing her ebook in action at the By the People exhibit in June, in Washington, DC!