3 easy ways to distribute your ebook

There are many ways to distribute an ebook, especially if it’s free.

Sure, you can publish your ebook through the major internet bookstores such as Amazon, Apple, Google Play, Barnes and Noble. Each one has its own way of doing things, and it’s beyond the scope of this blog post to describe them. What we’ll cover here are the ways you can distribute your ebook on your own.

First, let’s define “ebook.” For the purpose of this article, we’ll define an ebook as being a portable file that can be read using an e-reader app or software. This is rather vague, but the state of the ebook market is such that there are many formats and many e-readers available. Generally, the two main formats are EPUB3 and Apple’s iBook. I have highlighted the difference between the two formats in a slideshare presentation.

1. Email to a private list.

ebooks that contain confidential or proprietary information you don’t want shared publicly can be sent by corporate email. Simply attache the ebook file to an email and send. Some interactive ebooks can be rather large and can exceed email file size maximum. In that case, option 2 or 3 below is more appropriate.

2. Post to an internal server or intranet.

For ebooks to be distributed to employees,  upload the ebook file on a corporate server behind your company’s firewall. You can provide a link to the file via email or on the company Intranet.

3. File sharing system like Box or Dropbox.

Whether you are distributing to a group of people or the world, posting your ebook file on a file sharing system such as box.com or dropbox, is probably the best way to go in most cases. These services are reliable, provide fast download, and have a free account which provides quite a few MB of storage. And as added bonus Box.com provides you with download stats, which can be very informative in judging the success of an ebook.

There are other cloud-storage system available. See a review of the landscape here.